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05. Oct 2017 —

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When colder temperatures dominate outdoors, our home is the ideal retreat. To create feel-good moments on these shorter, misty-grey days, we welcome ‘Hygge’ into our bathroom: This ‘anti-doldrums formula’ practised by the Danes is firmly anchored in their culture and stands for cosiness and security. All it takes is a few little tweaks and tricks to make our own living area even more intimate and inviting. The colour scheme is unexcited, in coordinated and typically Scandinavian hues of beige and grey. The motto is: Rest, don’t race; relax, don’t stress.
The principle of simplicity plays an essential role in the Nordic interior style. This is also precisely the message of the Luv bathroom range, by Danish designer Cecilie Manz: The image of a bowl filled with water forms the basis for the design of the range. Concentrating on the essentials ensures that we value the individual elements even more. Combining comforting technologies and materials in a simple, elegant design creates a warm and welcoming environment. For the first time, Duravit uses matt glazes in soft tones on the outside of the DuraCeram wash bowls, which contrast softly with the high-glaze white ceramic inside the bowl. New, pale colours such as Satin-matt Light blue or Stone grey can also be found on the furniture. In an interplay with simple furnishing objects, such as towels, blankets or bathroom accessories, the result is a typically Scandinavian bathroom with the Hygge factor.
80% of Danes associate the term "Hygge" with candlelight. They rely on candlelight, or on small lamps to introduce lighting accents in the room, creating different zones within the space. And no evening bath should be without soft, warm light, such as that of a candle. The choice of the right bath plays an important role too: The warm, pleasant feel of baths from the DuraSquare range, made from the mineral material DuraSolid, combined with the new air-whirl and sound system, ensures perfect relaxation on long winter days. Its new look, with precise edges merging with an organically flowing inner contour, also make this bath an absolute highlight in any bathroom.

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