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Old Greenwich Project by Nous Studio ©Susan Fisher Plotner
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    Minimalist chic in Connecticut: Villa fitted out with two Duravit bathrooms

    The owners of a Victorian villa in Old Greenwich, a suburb of Connecticut, opted for a modern interior to counterbalance their home’s opulent exterior. In converting the children’s and parents’ bathrooms, interior designer and architect Blandine Seguine from Nous Studio was tasked with conjuring up a bright and unadorned look with a minimalist emphasis. She was also faced with the challenge of a defined budget and her clients’ insistence on high-quality designer items from manufacturers such as Duravit.

    The lady of the house is involved with design in her daily work and prefers a calm, Scandinavian interior style. In converting the two bathrooms for the parents and children respectively, the light and airy character of the rooms was to be brought out to best advantage. Blandine Seguin’s first step was thus to establish a harmonious whole, selecting mutually complementary mirrors and bathroom furniture. For the parents’ bathroom the architect chose an item from Duravit’s DuraStyle range by Matteo Thun, who has made a name for himself with an approach combining aesthetics and economy with sustainability.
    She opted for the sleek DuraStyle double vanity unit in oak, which offers particularly generous storage space. The light-coloured wood additionally provides for a warm atmosphere in the bathroom. As a special highlight, the two integrated Starck 3 washbasins from Duravit are seamlessly joined to the DuraStyle furniture by means of the f-bonded method. This lends the ensemble an extremely purist look and a special lightness of touch. The same white tiles feature on the walls, flooring and the DuraStyle bath from Duravit. As a result, the bathroom makes a larger, light and airy impression. Light-coloured oak has also been used in the bathroom for the two children. Here the Vero washbasin from Duravit offers generous shelf areas to the left and right of the washbasin. The shower area presents an attractive spectacle, with grey Metro tiling visually setting it apart from the rest of the bathroom. Choice accessories such as the orange-coloured “Balloon Dog” add colour to the children’s bathroom. Small Japanese manga figures sit on the mirror as a playful touch to welcome the children into their own sleek bathroom.
Old Greenwich Project by Nous Studio ©Susan Fisher Plotner
Elternbad Old Greenwich Project by Nous Studio ©Susan Fisher Plotner
Elternbad Old Greenwich Project by Nous Studio ©Susan Fisher Plotner
Kinderbad Old Greenwich Project by Nous Studio ©Susan Fisher Plotner

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