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We have compiled our extensive range of catalogs for you which can be viewed directly in your browser or downloaded. Printed versions of selected catalogs can be requested to be sent by postal service.
Ta en närmare titt på Duravit i denna samlingav badrumsprodukter, badrumsidéer och innovationer.
Take a closer look at Duravit with this sampling of bath products, bathroom ideas and innovations.
In the bathroom of the future, it all matches perfectly. Custom design, technology that enhances comfort and hygiene, lasting quality.
Perfectly harmonised products for all bathroom areas.
The time to start something new. Contemplation of the things that we find soothing in life. The decision to modernize. The best moment? Here and now. With Duravit.
I denna lilla broschyr har vi samlat ett urval av våra mest populära produkter.
Här hittar du även våra nyaste serier Luv, Durasquare och Vero Air.

Featuring the typical, original Duravit design, the faucets series can be harmoniously combined with all bathroom series.

More individuality, more comfort, better hygiene – three trends, three requirements that define modern lifestyle in the bathroom.
Nothing is as thorough, as hygienic, as natural and as refreshing as cleaning with water. Also after using the toilet: This is why Duravit developed SensoWash®, a pioneering innovation in the world of shower-toilet seats that redefines comfort, quality of life and modern toilet hygiene, all operated by a remote control.
Perfectly designed forms that are neither intrusive nor dominating, therefore leaving ample room for both, individuality and design.
DuraStyle Projekt. Den nya standarden i badrummet. Matteo Thun & Partners har uppnått globala framgångar med deras holistiska filosofi och tvärvetenskapliga angreppssätt.
DuraStyle Home. Ny frihet i badrummet. Individualitet är viktigt i vardagen. Emellertid betyder inte individualitet att alla medel krävs för att göra intryck.

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